martes, julio 12, 2005


The Museum of Modern Art
11 W 53 Street | New York, NY 10019

Cezanne and Pissarro at the MoMA
The MoMA (New York) is presenting a major impressionist exhibition running until 12 September 2005, entitled “Pioneering Modern Painting: Cézanne and Pissarro 1865–1885” in which a selection of 85 works traces the career of these two Impressionist masters. Cézanne and Pissarro first met in 1861 and subsequently worked regularly together in Pontoise and Auvers sur Oise. + INFO

Exhibitions and programs in July include Pioneering Modern
Painting: Cézanne and Pissarro 1865-1885; Friedlander;
free Summergarden concerts at MoMA; and Greater New
York 2005 at P.S.1. Starting July 1, Acoustiguide audio
programs are free with Museum admission, courtesy of
Bloomberg. The program exploring MoMA's collection is
available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian,
and Japanese. Pioneering Modern Painting has its own
program. There are also programs for kids and for visitors
who prefer extended visual commentary.

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